S.H Figuarts Luffy Coming Soon

The leader of the Straw Hat Pirates is getting it`s own poseable figure and it`s S.H Figuarts, well known for its awesome details and articulation!

One Piece is the 4th anime series to get the SH FiguArts treatment. First is Gundam G, with Domon Kashuu, and the next are Pre Cure and Dragonball.

No other information, such as pricing and release date, as of now but I`m sure more characters from JUMP`s manga will be getting their own Figuarts! I want characters from Naruto and D.Grayman!

Source: JEFusion


Evyl-kun said...

Ohh !! I want !!! Me want it !!

And thanks for the news dude !

Evyl-kun said...
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