Bad Customer Service

It happened again. This is not the first time customer complains about this. One of my reader, Mr Bushido yesterday complained on my chatbox about this one shop for having a bad customer service and no price tag on it`s items. Few moons ago comrade Lobo posted his complain about the same matter in his burogu.

Mr Bushido was with his fiance few days ago to the movies and they went to a shop that sells Gundam. Unfortunately the model kit, not just this one kit but the rest of em doesn`t have a price tag so he asked one of the employee, who is busy and doesn’t want to be bothered, only gives him a curt answer and continues what he is doing. Mr Bushido lost interest in buying the model kit and ended up leaving the shop with dissatisfaction.

What kind of customer service is that? I always thought that if you walk into a store and everything is for sell, if someone wants to buy something from you, you make sure they don't leave the store without the item they wanted. I don`t know about other countries but in Brunei most of the shop assistant are berry lazy and the don`t really respect their customer.

Like what Jill Homer said in his post, bad customer service is everywhere these days; unmanned front desks, surly servers, clueless staff, employees talking on the phone, and managers who refuse to acknowledge a customer. It’s no longer an exception... poor service has become the norm. This scene is repeated endlessly in modern society. Negativity breeds negativity, and eventually, nobody is happy.

People who have a bad attitude about what they do will reflect their attitude onto everyone around them, including customers. Like most everything in life, good customer service always comes back to attitude.

You must never ignore a customer! I bet everyone agrees with me on this; the most important aspects of a successful business is good customer service. If you want to keep your shop`s reputation you need to respect your customer. Customers always complains about bad customer service and they’re even more likely to publish it on their blog(Such as this post. lol), Facebook, Twitter, etc. and these stories travel far and wide.


Anonymous said...

In my place some shops go as far as lowering the price, some even give 50% less, and sometime lesser... just to get their customer buy something from them..