Maria-sama ga Miteru Live Action Movie

The live-action movie adaptation of "Maria-sama ga Miteru" was confirmed three days ago. According to the official website, the role of Yumi Fukuzawa will be played by Honoka Miki, while Sachiko Ogasawara will be played by Haru, associated with the magazines Love Berry and SEVENTEEN, respectively. Below are their images:

Honoka Miki, her official website here. Kawaii desu ne~ ^^,


"Maria-sama ga Miteru" is a successful series of light novels written by Oyuki Konno. Started in 1998 and still ongoing, the novels have spawned a manga adaptation and multiple seasons of a television anime.

The story revolves around the students at Lillian Academy, an all-girls Catholic school. As one of the school's traditions, upperclassmen pass on their rosaries to younger students, forming a sisterly bond in which the older one promises guidance to the younger one. Haru plays the part of Sachiko Ogasawara, one of the most admired girls at the academy, while Miki plays a young girl named Yumi Fukuzawa who receives Sachiko's rosary.

The movie will start shooting this May and is set to hit this autumn.

Source: Gigazine, Tokyograph