New Digimon Series

Above is the scan of the new Digimon series that was reported few days ago. The scan features a new character and a new Digimons which their names are yet to be revealed.

Based on the clip, the hero's Digimon is somewhat similar to Agumon (Digimon Adventure) and Guilmon (Digimon Tamers). If you noticed, the Digimon on the back is somewhat like a combination of the Digimons in the front: the star-like one is the sword, the beetle is the left arm while thw wolf one is the right arm. I can't seem to notice the which part is the red one, but probably, he's the main body. This suspects me that this season's Digimon will feature Digimon Gattai, somewhat similar to Zero Two's DNA Digivolution.

And if you also noticed, the hero has goggles similar the the first Chosen Child, Taichi. I think its the return of Digimon's infamous goggles which was missing in action in Savers/Data Squad. [UkiyaSeed Via JEFusion.]

All Digimon combine with it`s tamer? Power Ranger? lol


Yumeka said...

Awesome, thanks for the scan. I can't wait for the series. I personally didn't like Savers very much so I hope this one is better (I loved the first three series and Frontier was okay). The main character's and digimons' resemblance to the old-school digimon is promising.