2011`s Kamen Rider OOO

2011`s Kamen Rider series has been revealed and it is confirmed to be titled as Kamen Rider OOO, read as O`s or Ozu. Sounds like Kamen Rider 555/Faizu/Fives to me! XD

Kamen Rider OOO is an animal motif Rider and said to use Medals in order to change forms. His basic form will be called Tri-Form. Three other forms includes Sky Form, Field Form and Insect Form. With the use of the Medalialsword, he can be able to change forms, using 3 medals at a time.

If Kamen Rider W uses Memory Gadgets, Kamen Rider OOO will be having Medal Familia. It includes a set consisting of Hawk, Lion, and Kuwagata helper animals which can grow big and help him in combat.

Posted above is a compilation of rumored actors and theme songs for the upcoming series. I can't be so sure about their names but I seem to see Yumi Sugimoto (Engine Sentai Go-onger) there. Theme songs includes Generation sung by HYDE (opening) and Kamen Road sung by Ami Suzuki (ending).

Information hijacked from JEFusion!


BlackSun88 said...

I had been enjoying Kamen rider W for the storyline, but the design is getting ridiculous especially the extreme form... this one.. lets see how it turn out