New Rider in Kamen Rider W!

Above is the newest leaked catalogue scans for the upcoming Kamen Rider W merchandise. It is the DX Lost Driver, a belt used by Kamen Rider Skull in Kamen Rider W: Begin's Night.

Besides the DX Lost Driver, pictured on the left side is the silhouette of the so-called 3rd Rider for Kamen Rider W. According to recent rumors, the 3rd Rider will be similar to Kamen Rider Agito's G3 and will debut on Kamen Rider W movie this summer.

Also coming along the DX Lost Driver is the Eternal Memory. No other information about Eternal's abilities as of now but expect it to be posted here in the coming weeks.

Via JEFusion


BlackSun88 said...

not putting much hope in w series any more =.=