Kamen Rider W Finale?

It`s coming to an end?

Kamen Rider W is over half-way in its run (as of writing, it already have 37 episodes) and just recently, we are getting rumors regarding the show's final arc and finale episode.

And here are the new Kamen Rider W rumors according to what DecaEnd saw in 2ch:

At the end of Kamen Rider W FOREVER: A to Z Gaia Memory of Destiny, someone with a "M" Memory will show up. His appearance will be similar to Terui Ryu's cameo in the Kamen Rider W and Decade: Movie Wars 2010.

"M" Memory will look like an inverted "W," and probably stands for "Masked Rider." (side note: Why not "K" for "Kamen Rider" ?)

The user of the "M" Memory is supposed to be Shoutaro's brother. He is said to be the Foundation X's trump card. It is rumored that he will manipulate Philip to use the "Z" Memory. The meaning of "Z" is still unknown.

With Philip being manipulated, Shoutaro will need to rely on the Lost Driver to be able to transform to Kamen Rider Joker. This will be Joker's TV series debut.
Shoutaro's brother will be played by Takuji Kawakubo, previously seen as Komon from Ultraman Nexus.

And here are the Kamen Rider W Finale rumors:
Kamen Rider Accel will fight against Shroud's Dopant form. Accel will end up in a comatose state and he will not appear in the final battle.
Shroud's Dopant Memory is still unknown.

The final battle will be the episode before the finale episode. The finale episode won't have any battle scenes, which is similar to Kamen Rider Hibiki's Finale.
It will end with a mysterious person giving a letter to Shoutaro, where it says that Narumi Sokichi had actually survived.

Please take note that these are unconfirmed news or commonly called rumors. Don't take this seriously and keep your hopes up that all of these will happen.

Just take this as a grain of salt.

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BlackSun88 said...

hmm interesting. lets see how the story go. but i dont think shroud will ends up as villain...