Brunei Cosplay Meet

I got a good news and some bad news. The good news is there`ll be a Cosplay Meet and it is around the corner of this month, the bad news is NO DevMeet 6 like I announced few months ago! No reasons were stated. Kinda disappointed tho because this were the only events that I`ve been waiting for this year.

To Bruneian cosplayers out there you still can join the Cosplay Meet this month, details below:


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Brunei Cosplayers

More Info:
Let's meet up for fun and cosplay with other ausome enthusiast..

Bring yer friends along and have fun fun fun.:3

Bring junkfood, lightfood, yummy food... share your food... owh... and bring blanket too to lay it on the grass for our mini picnic (if it's not hot or raining that is...)

then you can also play rides on own expenses... take pictures and also allow non cosplayers to take snaps of you as well... remember... this is for fun only and also a chance to meet up with other cosplayers... so enjoy yourself... :D

no rules actually... but to safe guard the name of all cosplayers, we try to use from last years dev meet rules... it's safe to say that female dressing as male is fine but male dressing as female is not really being encouraged... and since this is an public open area, please do try to dress as appropriately as you can... afterall, this is brunei... :D

and not to forget, do behave ahh... eheh... no vandalizing, no littering, avoid trouble... we don't want cosplay to get banned do we? eheh... :)

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Photo taken from 5th DevMeet.

So any of you coming?

*UPDATE: Time and date are yet to be confirmed


David John Shewsbury said...

When is this? give us more info about the time and date....

Double H said...

Sorry John the time and date no yet kena confirm. Will update you lagi soon!^^,

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