Final Fantasy’s “Dissidia 012 [duodecim]” New Trailer

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy [duodecim] is an upcoming game published by Square Enix. It is a follow-up to Dissidia: Final Fantasy, revealing what occurred before the events of its predecessor.

To recap, characters from the various Final Fantasy worlds are caught in a war between Cosmos, the goddess of harmony, and Chaos, the god of discord. The storyline for this game hasn’t been sufficiently revealed enough yet to determine how they wound up there to begin with, but all that matters now is that the characters must fight for their respective sides in order to decisively end the conflict and return home.

Although the original had a great lineup of playable characters from every Final Fantasy title up to ‘Final Fantasy X’, this prequel boasts an even wider range of beloved heroes and villains. Six new characters have been unveiled so far, and fans have been buzzing over the introductions of “Lightning” (FFXIV), “Tifa” (FFVII), “Kain” (FFIV), “Laguna” (FFVIII), “Vaan” (FFXII), and “Yuna” (FFX).

The developers have also introduced a new gameplay feature called the “Assist” system, which essentially allows players to call upon their tag-team partner if they should need them.

Watch the trailer below:

Source: Tokyohive, Wikipedia


C.R. said...

I still need to play the first one.

Blacksun88 said...

first i will need a psp =.=