More from W?

This could be just a rumor but here`s what I got from Henshin Justice:

From 2ch.
April: Kamen Rider W feat. Accel: Sacrificing A for A.
Accel Dopant, a new form, CAX, T3 Gaia Memory.
A stands for Akiko, Ai (love) and Accel.
Foundation X has created a new type of Gaia Memories.
Terui has to work overtime and Akiko starts to think he’s cheating on her.
Akiko asks Shotaro to investigate this.
Shotaro sees Terui meeting another woman.
The T3 Gaia Memory allows the user to turn into CAX. (wat?)

July: Kamen Rider W feat. Eternal: The Beginning of N is the End of E.
A new form for Eternal, Gaia Memory Zero. (What’s up with the zeros lately?)
N stands for Never and E stands for Eternal.
It’s in the past, it will show something called “Gaia Memory Zero”
A red Eternal will appear.