Stabbing Rampage in Ibaraki

SICK news I got from Japan Today:

MITO - A knife-wielding man attacked students and other passengers on two commuter buses near a train station in Ibaraki Prefecture on Friday morning, leaving a total of 14 people with minor injuries, police and fire department officials said.

The man, identified as 27-year-old Yuta Saito who claims to be from Moriya in the eastern prefecture, was seized by passengers. Police arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder at the scene in front of JR Toride Station in Toride city.

The man had a 25-centimeter-long kitchen knife and admitted to committing the indiscriminate attack, saying, ‘‘I wanted to end my life,’’ police said.

The 14 injured—eight high school students, four junior high school students and two women—were taken to hospitals after the attack spree for cuts and bruises, according to the fire department officials.

Of them, 11 were confirmed to be students at the Edogawa Institute of Education’s junior and senior high schools in Toride, police said. The city is located about 35 kilometers northeast of Tokyo.

According to police, the bus drivers and the schools, the man boarded one of the buses that was bound for the schools at the rotary outside the west exit of the station, and started attacking people around him when the departure bell went off. The bus was packed with about 50 students.

He then got off the bus, assaulted a passerby at the rotary and went aboard another bus that had arrived at the stop and got into a scuffle with passengers, they added. He was restrained by two men in their 20s.

In 2008, a stabbing spree occurred in the nearby city of Tsuchiura, in which one person was killed and seven others were injured. The stabber, who had killed another person four days earlier by stabbing, was given the death sentence.