Favorite Anime Episode of All Time

Last post for today before I start doing my assignment! Here in this post I wanna share with you guys my favorite episodes off all time! I present you my top 5;

#5 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Episode 9 & 10 "Remote Island Syndrome"

A "distant relative" of Itsuki's allows the SOS Brigade, along with Kyon's sister, to stay at his newly built island villa. On their first day there, they enjoy the island's facilities, but are soon drawn inside by the arrival of a storm. While waiting for the storm to pass, Haruhi and her friends play games in doors and have fun together. Later, the owner of the villa disappears, and everyone starts searching for him. Ultimately, the SOS Brigade members find him dead in his room. - LOL A crazy episode IMO! XD

#4 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode 27 "The Lights in the Sky Are Stars"

Final episode of TTGL. Known a the most EPIC and MEMORABLE BATTLE EVER!!! You can watch the final episode here.

Simon and Nia are reunited, and by combining the power of its members, Team Dai-Gurren creates the galaxy-sized Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, and engage the Anti-Spiral threat in a decisive battle to determine the fate of the universe.

#3 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Episode 25 "Re;"

Suzaku and Kallen's duel intensifies, leading to a final exchange which disables the Guren and destroys the Lancelot, and Jeremiah defeats Anya by destroying the Sutherland Sieg, then detonating the Sutherland core at close proximity to the Mordred. Lelouch uses his Geass to force Nunnally to give up the key of Damocles. With the fortress under his control, Lelouch unites the world under his tyrannical rule. Two months later, Lelouch prepares to oversee the public execution of the leaders of the U.F.N. and the Black Knights, until Suzaku, believed to be dead and now disguised as Zero, interrupts and kills Lelouch, the culmination of the Zero Requiem as they had planned. By directing the hatred of the world onto himself, Lelouch's death will serve to facilitate peace. He tells Suzaku that he must live as Zero now, even over his personal happiness; nobody must know Zero as anything else. He dies smiling, repeating his earlier declaration that he is the one who destroys the world and creates it anew. The aftermath is narrated by Kallen, who ends up forgiving Lelouch and explains how the world is much better off with all the energy being focused on reconstruction. A short monologue is then given by C.C about how Geass might not isolate people after all.

#2 Lucky Star Episode 22 "The Yonder Here"

Konata's late mother, Kanata, appears as a spirit. As she looks over her family in the room, both Konata and Sōjirō discuss what her life was like, while she was still alive. Although Sōjirō rushed Kanata into love and marriage, Sōjirō was confident that he loved Kanata the most and that she loved him back. A long flashback scene then takes place, where Kanata thinks back on all the happy times she shared with Sōjirō, and concludes that she did love him deeply as well (although she is disturbed about him exposing Konata to eroge). As Konata and Sōjirō prepare to take a picture, Kanata joins in with them, but appears as a shadow in the actual picture. Konata and Sōjirō review the picture and are highly shocked and disturbed at the shadow, and fear that they are cursed.

A very touching episode, and I cried! T.T

#1 GunxSword Episode 3 "Heroes One More Time"

In this episode, Wendy drags a hunger striken Van to a nearby town. There, Van meets Nelo, Jose, Valio and Carlos, four boistrous men who were (power ranger-like)heroes in the old days when they protected their town with their Armor 'El Dorado'. But these days, the young generation have no respect for them, so they usually drink all day at their old hangout, the Pink Amigo. When Buchi, a local mad scientist, unleashes his Armor against the town, the El Dorado Five get their chance to be heroes once again. But age has caught up to them and Van seems to be content sitting on the sidelines.

The song played during the battle, Niji no Kanata by Yukino Satsuki is one of my favorite song!

So there, my top 5 favorite anime episodes of all time! What about you guys? Mind sharing with us your favorite episodes off all time? XD