Godzilla Remake

The remake for 1954 tokusatsu film, Godzilla (Gojira) now has a director! The Hollywood Reporter magazine reports that British director Gareth Edwards is to helm the new entry in the long-running Godzilla franchise remake.

Legendary Pictures are aiming the new version of Godzilla at a 2012 release date, with producing duties falling to Sherlock Holmes' Dan Lin, with Roy Lee and Brian Rogers, and the script by The Expendables' David Callaham.

According to its producer, Brain Rogers this film will be as much as possible, as close as to the original Japanese film in which good ol' Godzilla will fight giant monsters! Even with that, Godzilla will not be a classic rubber suit, but a CGI monster.

The 1998 Godzilla remake`s trailer;

Mothra VS Godzilla. Giant monster vs giant monster! XD

Source: JEFusion, IMDb, ANN