Kotobukiya's Miss Marvel and Fantastic Four Invisible Woman Bishoujo Statue

Some images of Kotobukiya`s Bishoujo statue, Miss Marvel and Invisible Woman! =3

Miss Marvel:

Smexeh! This Marvel Universe statue is due for release in April of 2011 and will feature removable power attachments for her fists.

Fantastic Four`s Invisible Woman:

The Invisible Woman is dressed in her iconic Fantastic Four costume, an ultra skintight bodysuit showing off all of her sexy curves in blue and black with the team’s logo on her chest. To highlight her cool powers a mix of clear PVC has been used on Sue’s legs, hands, and hair, while the force field shards around her are a contrasting pale blue. The Invisible Woman’s strong pose and alluring figure are perfectly topped off by a beautiful Bishoujo-styled face that seems shy after her tremendous battle!

Invisible Woman stands just over 9 inches tall (in the current Marvel Bishoujo 1/7th scale) on an amazing georama base depicting the hand of the gigantic green monster from the cover of Fantastic Four #1, “The Mole Man’s Monster!”

Available on July 11.

Source: Toyark


Marvel Slots said...

I love the Ms. Marvel character. Where can I buy one like that?