Let`s Go Kamen Riders Plot Details

Plot details for Let`s Go Kamen Riders has been revealed but it is yet to be confirmed whether this is real or fake:

40 years ago, the Kamen Rider Riders were defeated by Shocker, due to the time alteration by the Mole Imagin. Shocker has been ruling over the world since then. Kamen Rider OOO, NEW Den-O and Ankh has been crucified and are standing before the population of Japan.

The three of them are about to be publicly executed, Ankh goes to possess Momotaros. The one ordering the execution is General Shadow and he calls for Kamen Rider #1 and #2 to do the execution. It seems like the two of them are working for Shocker now. When it’s time for execution the Boy Rider Squad shows up and gives the Riders their belts.

It’s then revealed that Kamen Rider #1 and #2 had broken the brainwashing a long time ago and instead of executing them, they release them. Together the five Kamen Riders fight against Shocker.

The movie will be released on April 1.

Source: JEFusion