How to Train Your Dragon Sequel

A few hints about the upcoming sequel to How to Train Your Dragon have been dropped by the first film's co-director, Dean DeBlois, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

According to DeBlois, the script has entered the second draft and should expand the universe of the first film, particularly in terms of geography.

"As we head into this one," he explains, "the world expands. Everything is much bigger with still the heartfelt qualities that made the first one resonate so much with audiences. There are no longer restrictions to this tiny island in the North Sea. They have the entire Northern hemisphere within their grasp."

What's more, DeBlois reiterated the plan to continue the franchise beyond a second film and says that plot elements will pave the way for at least a third entry, adding new species of dragons along the way.

"It's the further adventures of Hiccup," says producer Bonnie Arnold, "on his journey of becoming a man and the ultimate leader of the Viking clan."

The still-untitled sequel is expected to arrive sometime in 2013.

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