W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel Trailer!

Official poster (above) and trailer has been released!! You can watch the trailer using the player below:

While running from the police force who want to arrest him, Ryu Terui must defeat the Commander Dopant using his new form, Kamen Rider Accel Booster. It will be acquired by utilizing the Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter which could make any Gaia Memory 3× stronger!

W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel tells the story after the events of Kamen Rider Movie Wars CORE where Ryu Terui saved a girl named Aoi Kuzuki from an attack caused by the Masked Soldiers. Suddenly, the Commander Dopant shows up to take something from Aoi, but she doesn't have that thing anymore. Commander Dopant places a time bomb on Aoi and frames Terui.

Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Accel will be released on April 21.

Via JEFusion