E.A Con Replaces DevMeet

E.A Con; Expressive Art Convention will be held somewhere in July this year! The teaser poster has been released this morning(pictured above).

Previously known as DevMeet, Brunei`s one and only convention that is dedicated to anime, manga, games and Japanese pop culture! According to Shafie Rai, the organizer(?) of this event said on Facebook "details about everything will be posted slowly starting today." He also stated that the official website is still under construction.

More info to come soon! Stay tune~


Ryu Hayabusa said...

nice poster, look a bit like the dance dance revolution aka DDR cover haha

Double H said...


Watermelon said...

I can not wait for this conventions and heard there will be anime drawing too?
I want to join and ahh I see, so this was used to be DevMeet, no wonders.
Looking forward to this one soon :D
July, please come quick, ahaha.