E.A.Con Launches It's Official Website, Updates on Ticket and Competition

E.A.Con has launched it's official website! Click Here to view the official page~

Previously known as DevMeet, Brunei`s one and only convention that is dedicated to anime, manga, games and Japanese pop culture!

This event will be held on 16th and the 17th of July, YES! It is a two-days event which will be held at Asma Hotel, Jerudong, Mezzanine Level. Tickets will be announced soon and it will be available at Chong Hock Toynation and TFF Esport Centre, Gadong.

Various Competition will be held on the event such as;

  • Cosplay - You can get the EA CON COSPLAY COMPETITION REGISTRATION FORM HERE! Prizes of this competition will be given to The Best Cosplay Group, The Best Female Character Cosplayer, The Best Male Character Cosplayer and The Best Costume Award! Prizes will be announced soon.
  • Drawing Competition
  • GunPla Competition
  • Gaming Competition

And more..........

Stay tuned for more updates!^^,


dk.kittyXD said...

thank u,H! and also Rai & da gang!XD ou guys are one of the best! ;)

dk.kittyXD said...

*you (lol.. ada lagi tu,sedikit ketinggalan!XP~XD!)