New Rider: Kamen Rider Fouze

The next rider after Kamen Rider OOO has been revealed! It will be called Kamen Rider... Fouze??

A bit info on the new rider:
  • There's a switch on his belt. This switch can change his arm and weapons. It can give him rockets, or even turn is arm into a manipulator.
  • Fouze's motif is based on astronauts and the protagonist is high school student.

Kamen Rider Fouze is already been registered but as of now, no images of it have surfaced. And with that, a rumored staff list had spread in the interwebs!

Please take rumors with a grain of salt!

  • Producer: Naomi Takebe (current producer of Kamen Rider OOO)
  • Director: Kyota Kawasaki (worked on Ultraman Tiga, Dyna and Ryukendo)
  • Writers: Chiaki J. Konaka (a bunch of anime series and Ultraman Gaia) and Sho Aikawa (Kamen Rider Blade and Decade Episodes 1 to 12)
  • Music: Toshihiko Sahashi (Kamen Rider Kuuga, Agito, Hibiki and Den-O, and bunch of anime series)
  • Character Design: Keita Amemiya (Kamen Rider J, ZO, Shin, Garo and Hakaider)

Accordingly, Kamen Rider Fouze will be stylized as Kamen Rider 40, with "40" be read as "Fouze," "Four-zay" or something along those lines. And as per rumors, Fouze is a high school student who suffers from memory loss. He inherited the Rider System from his father and he fights "Noa."

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