Thelma Aoyama feat. 4minute - WITHOUT U PV

Music video for Thelma Aoyama's upcoming single WITHOUT U has been revealed! You can watch it using the player below:

The music video features UMJ’s movie, “RUN 60“, and unfortunately for 4minute fans, Aoyama Thelma is the only artist seen in the PV, as the rest of it shows segments of the movie.

The movie is shot in segments where each piece is part of an artists’ song, and the first one revealed was mihimaru GT’s “Master Piece“. The second is Aoyama Thelema, and the other three artists are Choshinsei’s “Kuriunnare – Kimi ni Aitakute“, Cherie’s “Koi no Fushigi“, and NERDHEAD’s “Doushite suki nandarou feat. Mai.K“. Each song is set to release this within the next week through UMJ’s official YouTube.

Listen to the English version here!

Source: Tokyohive