Pokemon X and Y

Nintendo Direct yesterday has announced their the latest addition to its long-running Pokemon game franchise, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. You can watch the trailer below:

Like the previous games, this game will also feature three new creatures; Chespin (Harrimaron, Grass), Fennekin (Fokko, Fire), and Froakie (Keromatsu, Water). Two new legendary Pokemons can also be seen in the trailer.

Junichi Masuda said “We brought Pokémon into an entirely new dimension and we're incredibly excited to bring Pokémon X and Pokémon Y to fans. The stunning visuals, a completely redesigned environment, game scenario, music, and communication features will bring smiles to the faces of video game players around the world.” 

Pokemon X & Pokemon Y are scheduled to be released worldwide this October. 

View the screenshots HERE

Source: JEFusion