Fantastic Four 2015 - Short Review by Double H

Went to the cinema with low expectations but I didn't expect it would turned out REALLY BAD! The movie look so desperate. Very cliché and took long time to get to its main plot. Fox did well with the X-Men franchise IMO, but this movie prove that they need to just give the rights back to Marvel. I don't recommend this movie. Seriously don't watch it! If you wanna watch Fantastic Four movie, just go watch the previous two installments because they were wayyy better than this CRAP! What they did with Dr. Doom was totally unacceptable and what the hell dude, can't you at least put some pants on The Thing!? Damn. If you still wanna watch it, go ahead. Just don't tell me I didn't warn ya! LOL Verdict: 3/10 #FantasticFour #Marvel

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