Watching movies at the cinema is fun, because the experience is quite different than watching it at home. But sometimes the problem is the horrible people that you had to deal with in the cinema. Below is a list of a type of people yang annoying dalam cinema; 

10. The Noisy Chewer

Awu lapar jua urang. 

 9. The Slurper

Minum jua urang. 

 8. The Person Whose Phone Rings

And it gets really ANNOYING when they actually answers the phone and started talking LOUDLY! F*ing Cb 

7. The Couple

I am not talking about a normal couple. I am talking about the handsy one! And when they started making out, URGH! Get a room morons! 

6. Parents That Bring Babies to the Movies

Don't get me wrong. I love babies. But there are places that babies don't belong. Kesian bah anak atu. kesian lgi kami yang kan meliat wayang ani. 

5. That One Person That Keeps Talking to the Movie Like the Characters Can Actually Hear Them.

I actually encountered this type of people when I was watching The Finest Hours yesterday. Can you just please shut up and enjoy the movie? 

4. The Person that Sneaks in Smelly Food

Macam jaring jua, macam sambal patai jua. 

3. Seat Kicking/Yang Suka Menandang Kerusi Dangan

Don't you hate it when people kick your seat inside the cinema?

2. The Person that Burps After Eating Durian

Permission to kill? 

1. Mulut Labang

Seriously, kalau kan becerita di Jing Chew bisai. 

Via Buzzfeed, Seventeen, Photo credits to their respective owners :)


Mar Ismail said...

Out of this 10, yg paling annoying bagiku yg no. 8, 5, 3 & 1. Yg menandang-nandang kerusi atu lh yg paling membari sasak... kalau yg Handsy couple aku inda pernah jumpa, selalunya normal couple sja... yg the rest atu still plg annoying jua hahaha