Mad Titan of Brunei - Interviewing Local Thanos Collector

Today I get to interview one of my friend who is known for collecting supervillain Thanos, instead of collecting superheroes like other normal human being. lol That person is none other than Haziq Iskandar, also known as Jack Iskandar.

The Mad Titan 

Before we begin, below is a little information about the Mad Titan, taken via;

The Mad Titan of Brunei
Jack Iskandar with his Thanos Collection 

Now lets begin the interview!

HC - Hobby Chaos 
J - Jack Iskandar 

HC: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

J: You can call me Jack Iskandar, 25 years old, half Singaporean and half Malaysian with Bruneian citizenship. Currently working under private sector and I collect Thanos.

HC: When did you first start collecting Thanos? 

J: I first planned to collect them in mid 2014, after knowing Thanos will appear Guardians of the Galaxy. Then, I first bought it in mid 2015. Thus, my collection commenced. 

HC: Do you collect anything other than Thanos? 

J: Other than Thanos, I collect Charizard from Pokemon and Lego Minifigures based on musician. 

HC: What can you tell me about Thanos? 

J: For me, Thanos is a great character, a hero, not a villain. Unlike other villains who want world domination, destruction, extinction of life, Thanos does the evil things just to gain love. Like any other men who is in love, they would do anything to get both attention and affection from their loved ones.
HC: What is your first memory of Thanos? 

J: My first memory of Thanos is that he is the final boss in a fighting game called "Marvel Super Heroes". Back then, I never knew who he was, and I cried fighting him because he was so strong. 

HC: What is the hardest Thanos to find at the moment? 

J: The hardest Thanos figures for me to get is the Mighty Muggs Thanos. The product itself was produced in 2007 and the brand was not very popular.

Mighty Muggs Thanos 

HC: Did you make any vintage purchases? 

J: The most vintage Thanos is my 1995 Fantastic Four cartoon series which I got from ebay.
Vintage 1995 Thanos from Fantastic Four Cartoon Series 

HC: What is your favorite Thanos figure in your collection? 

J: My favorite Thanos in my collection is the one from Lego. Because I can put him in any Lego set at my own will. lol
Jack Iskandar showing off his Lego Thanos 

HC: Do you collect Thanos just because it will be valuable and will sell for a lot of money one day? 

J: No I have no plan on selling my Thanos collection. I collect Thanos because here in Brunei nobody has collected him. And since the third Avengers fill will feature him as the main villain, I took the chance to be the first to collect Thanos in Brunei.

HC: If you could pick one item from your Thanos collection to keep, what would it be? 

 J: I would pick the Legend Series Build A Figure Thanos because that is the first Thanos I've ever bought.

HC: Do you ever think you will stop collecting Thanos?

 J: We never know. But for sure I will keep collecting Thanos as long as I am alive.

HC: Had you seen anybody else at this point doing what you were doing? Any collectors?

 J: I saw someone posted on Facebook that he wanted to collect Thanos as well. However since the post was not responded no more news or post from him.

HC: What advice would you give a new Thanos collector starting out today?

 J: My only advice is never give up. If you have the commitment, the passion and the time and money, I am sure you can also do it.

 HC: How excited are you to see Thanos in action in the upcoming third Avengers film?

 J: Excited enough for me to collect this character. Because I have been waiting for him in the movies since the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

HC: If you could cast other people than Josh Brolin to portray Thanos, who would you pick?

 J: From my opinion, Sylvester Stallone would be a good Thanos, but only in terms of physical figures. For the role, I do not think he would be good because he is not suitable to play as a villain.  As for Josh Brolin, his Thanos portrayal is just right. His voice acting, and body language are just like I wanted.

Josh Brolin wearing an Infinity Gauntlet

HC: Last question. Describe Thanos in one word!

 J: MAD!

Some more of Jack Iskandar's collection

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Jack Iskandar posing with his Infinity Gauntlet