Enter RWBY Chibi

Credits to JustMeMerel 

 Alright, some of you may have watched RWBY ever since it started and probably this moment now are still recovering from the mess the previous volume has caused. Luckily, Roosterteeth decided to tease this...

 Enter RWBY Chibi, a spin-off series from the popular animated web series of the same name (without the Chibi). It is scheduled to debut in May 2016.

So adorable... -///- 

 At least Chibi-Ruby is adorable and it is still a crime to make her cry. (Damn you, Mercury Black.) On the another news, it is stated that the next volume will air in Fall 2016. It may no longer be the same RWBY we once knew to those who have watched it, but still we must endure for the next moments to come.