FIRST IMPRESSION: Nickelodeon's School of Rock

Nickelodeon's School of Rock is a musical show based on the 2003 film starring Jack Black which grossed about $131 million worldwide!

After more than 10 years hoping for a sequel, School of Rock finally made a comeback thanks to Nickelodeon! The new series features a whole new cast portraying characters from the original movie. Dewey Finn played by Tony Cavalero (Originally played by Jack Black), a rocker with zero teaching experience taking a substitute-teaching job. Dewey Finn did it because he was fired by his band and he needed money.

 Each episode will feature a performance! In the first episodes the band performed “What I Like About You” and on the second episode the did a version of Meghan Trainor’s "Lips Are Movin" featuring Tomika as the lead singer. She has a pretty awesome voice!

Tony Cavalero surprisingly did a Jack Black great impression because he sounds and acts a little like Black! lol I watched the fist two episodes and I am already in love with the show and the characters. There's some goofy humor in it, and some classroom drama between the kids.