Haven't You Heard of This Young Man?

I thought it's going to be another bishounen shtick. But I didn't expect to be like...


Now... how did everything go on the top by this guy?

Let's see... A classic prank of placing a blackboard eraser on the top?

He did this.

Got dirty water thrown at you?

This is what he did.

Lost both his desk and chair?

This is the result.

Every single thing he does is ridiculously...

...wait, that's not right. It's...

What are you talking about? He's the...

Getting slightly ridiculous, huh? Now... if only our school life is like that... (I wish...)

I suppose I'll give this series a try. If you want some laughs, I mean, laughs from simple things turn fabulously stylish and lots of bishie sparkles from the student named...

Blade's recommendation for this anime of the season: Highly recommended. 

P.S. He possesses Mary Poppin's ability to glide with an umbrella... but with style!