Meet Hobby Chaos' First Blog Contributor; Blade!

It’s finally time we got some fresh blood here at Hobby Chaos and so I’m very pleased to introduce you to our first member, Blade!

 Check out what Blade has to say on the post below and don't forget to welcome him! :D

My name's Blade and I am one of the new Hobby Chaos' reviewer. While Double H focuses on TV series, movies and comics, I focus on its friendly neighbor of Japan. Of course, it's anime and manga.  
My reviews go one or two ways. Either, watch it until the end or weekly updates. This season, aside from animes I download for the fun of it, I will watch animes I really watch. I have to warn you all though, NSFW or naught bits may be included. :P 

 In case of manga, there will be quite a lot. Of course, it could go astray from the point of review and instead contains raging moments from the story itself. But hey, people love to see how others react (opps, copyright infrigement... but whatever...), so expect random posts about both anime and manga from me. 

 I haven't said this yet, but I'll also try to review few bits of their opening, ending and soundtracks of the anime and let's face it... Who doesn't? :B 

 I'll be seeing you all time to time. - Blade 

 We are currently looking for a few blog contributors who can do reviews on video games, and people who can post updates on Tokusatsu, Toys and Figurines, or as long as you can write good article related with Hobby Chaos' niche and are familiar with Blogger then you are welcome to join Hobby Chaos!

Interested candidates can email me a sample of your review/article to