Goblin/Guardian: The Lonely And Great God - Short Review

Just finished watching this global hit K-drama! I cried so much! 😭😭😭 This complicated supernatural/fantasy/romance drama was beautifully written. It was cute and funny (especially the bromance lol) but also sad and touching.

It taught us valuable lessons about life and death and the obvious lesson from this drama was to cherish every moments we have with our loved ones. I like how (almost) every episodes had a scene on someone dying and leaving their loved ones behind. It made you think about life. Eventually, we are all fated to die. No matter how careful we are, we still have to face it one day.

This drama also taught us that true love requires patience and loyalty! Anyone can say "I love you", but not everyone can wait and prove its true. This without a doubt the BEST K-drama I've ever watched! Kudos to the writers and actors for delivering such an inspiring and brilliant story.