Meet & Greet With Ben Wong! And Fatal Chaos Revamp?

Ben! Its BEN YOU GUYS!! Believe it or not the man behind Gempakstarz's Fatal Chaos, Le Gardenie and Te@mare (to name a few) is in Brunei! And guess what? I get to meet him yesterday and Brunei's Pesta Buku 2017!

I have always been a fan of Ben ever since I started reading Gempak magazine more than 10 years ago. Ben is no longer working with Gempakstarz by the way. He is now under Komik M owned by PTS Media Group. And they are currently in Brunei! Today is the last day for you to meet him and from what I heard Ben is going to be there starting around 11AM! You better hurry! They are located at booth #76 & #65

Waited for almost 2 hours in line to meet Ben. But it was worth the wait!

 I brought my Fatal Chaos graphic novel and asked him to autograph the novel!

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I was planning to get "Atan" and "Cinta K-Pop" but both of the series were sold out!

I personally asked Ben whether he would like to continue Fatal Chaos. He told me that he's not planning to continue the series, HOWEVER! He did personally told me that they are planning to REVAMP FATAL CHAOS!! I am so freaking excited to hear that! Still not sure when it is going to happen tho.

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