Rorschach Action Figure:Limited, 5000 Units ONLY?!

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Price: £9.77

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Watchmen Movie Action Figures: Rorschach Variant Figure

This is the limited-edition variant Rorschach action figure features the character without his trademark mask!

RORSCHACH 6.75" high. LIMITED TO 5,000 PIECES! Features multiple points of articulation and a base.

Rorschach is my favorite character in the comic adaptation movie Watchmen. Rorschach is created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibson.
Like most characters in Watchmen,
Rorschach has no "super powers". He merely has his will and technical abilities. Rorschach uses any and all weapons that are available at the time, such as pepper to blind a police officer and the use of hairspray in combination with a match to set fire to another police officer, as well as Moloch's house. He owns a gas-powered grappling gun, which he use>s to climb buildings, which was designed and built by Nite Owl II.

I love this figurine but too bad Eric can`t bring him in for me... T.T