Full Size 4 piece Buster Sword from Final Fantasy Advent Children from Global Gear

Global Gear:
After receiving hundreds of requests and reading countless threads on forums the most highly sought video game sword is here; the Final Fantasy Advent Children Multi Blade Buster Sword. Currently the only available model on the market the Advent Children Buster Sword is truly a marvel in construction as well as application. Don't be fooled by some cheap piece of junk, the Advent Children 4 Blade Buster Sword can actually be disassembled into four seperate functional blades. Each piece of the sword has been constructed from polished stainless steel and sharpened to a sharp edge, caution is strongly advised. If you are attempting an Advent Children Cloud for your next Cosplay convention then the Advent Children Buster Sword is a must as there is no other comparison on the market. The sword has not only appeared in the most recent Final Fantasy 7 movie but in the widely popular Kingdom Hearts video game series as well. Assembly is required when receiving the item and may take some time to put together, patienece is advised and highly recommnded. As stated before it may seem very frustrating attempting to construct the Buster Sword for the first time and make take some slight tweaking to fit properly, patienece is advised. For quality assurance you will receive the item coated in oil to prevent rust, when opening and handling the sword be VERY CAREFUL as the blades are very sharp and very oily. Measurements: Assembled: 43 1/2 inches overall, 32 inch blade length, 9 1/2 inch handle, Main Blade: 40 1/4 inches overall, 29 inch blade length, 9 1/2 inch handle, Secondary Blade: 32 1/2 inches overall, 26 inch blade length, 6 1/2 inch handle, Minor Blade: 21 inches overall, 15 inch blade length, 6 inch handle. 12/64 inches Blade Thickness, 7 x 1 3/4 x 2 inch Guard Dimensions.


Total length: 3 ½ feet long, THAT’S OVER 1 METER LONG!!

Weight: 5.16 kg

Please note this is not full scale to Cloud strife as seen in Advent Children, simply because you wouldn’t be able to lift it, this things hard enough to lift as it is and we guarantee you that any fan will be satisfied with this baby!

Voldermort's Wand

This Voldemort wand is an accurate recreation of the evil wizard's wand as featured in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

This wand measures approximately 14 inches in length and also features a light up function at the tip "to give this wand a real magic wand look".

This replica is made of resin and also comes with an extra battery. Though this wand is fun to hold, please note that this item is a collectible, not a toy.


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