My Haruhi Suzumiya summer clothes ver (Figma) +special short digirama! :)

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Who is Haruhi Suzumiya?To those who doesn`t know who she is, read this article first!

Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮 ハルヒ, Suzumiya Haruhi) is the title character of the Haruhi Suzumiya series, created by Nagaru Tanigawa and developed into a media franchise. First introduced in the light novels, which were then adapted into two manga and an anime series, with a forthcoming sequel, she is the main focus of the series. In an interview with Tanigawa, he stated that the idea for her character came during a sleepless night at the beginning of the 21st century.

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In the beginning of the story, she is initially shown as anti-social and displayed various personality quirks, but as the series progressed, she became more open with her emotions, whilst still remaining highly active. She became the founder of, and recruiter for, the SOS Brigade, forcibly enlisting Kyon, Yuki Nagato (the only member of the Literature Club), Mikuru Asahina, and Itsuki Koizumi. She is responsible for organizing most of their activities as a group.

Unknown to her, she has the power to change, destroy, or create a new reality based on her inner desires and feelings. She is described in various ways; Yuki states that she has 'the potential for auto-evolution', Mikuru believes that she is the originator of a large time-quake and finally Itsuki declares her to be 'God'. Due to this, she is the main focus of the Integrated Data Entity, the Organization, and an organization of future humans.[Read More!]

SOS Brigade members:
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1st opening theme(Season 1)

Got this Figma at CH-Toynation for BND44.90! :)

The box:

The bag and the stand:

Extra hands, face and other accessories:

I say:
Hmm...I got nothing to complain about this figma(like what I did to my Fraulien Revoltech)The articulation is ok, the stand and the plastic bag is awesome!Too bad I didn`t get the handbag, which only available with the first batch release! 10/10 for Figma! lol

Here`s the short digirama, just a simple one..Enjoy! :)

Who the fark?!

Oh no..I got a bad feeling about this..


LOL What do you guys think will happen to Haruhi?Do share your thoughts with me. (To David John: No sex scene!No raping! LOL!!) Will continue the digirama after I get my own camera..Thanks for reading! :)