New Addition to My Waiting List, Figma Golgo 13

I`ve asked David John from Shewsbury Land to booked this figma for me, which due to be released around August. It should be arrive in mid or end of that month. Big Thanks to David John! :)

Price: BND/SGD55.00+

More Info: GoodSmile Company
Current Waiting List:

Figma Golgo 13--> David John (Ordered)

Pinky Street #14-->CH-Toynation(Ordered)

Figma Nagato Yuki Witch Version-->David John(Booked)

1/100 MG Hi Nu-->David John(Booked)

Fraulein Revoltech Asuka Langley-->John T(Booked)

1/100 Wing Gundam-->David John(Booked)

Batman Microman: Batman and Batgirl Action Figure 2 Pack-->
David John(Booked)

Microman Asuka Langley School Uniform-->David John(Booked)

Microman Rei Ayanami School Uniform-->
David John(Booked)