A Date With Haruhi and Asuka Langley~ lol

[Just a random picture.. XD]

I`ve picked up my Fraulien Revoltech Asuka Langley(bought her for BND40.00) from Mr.John T today and bring her with Haruhi out! I`m planning to hangout with Baby Rex and Vicky-chan today but too bad they couldn`t make it so I ask Ganz to come with me..haha thanks bro! Met many new faces in Duelist Alliance today(and nice to meet you George! XD).I had so much fun dueling with them today even though I lost 7 duels in a row.. :X
See you guys next week, well if I`m in the mood to duel.. XD

Have our lunch at Bridal Cafe(?)

I share this Milo Shake with Haruhi..haha XD

wtf is she doing?! LOL

More Random Pictures...

I like this one.. =3 but... :S