Hyoho!!!Picked up my CH-Toynation privilege card today!Thanks Eric!! XD

Here the T&C`s of the Privilege card! ;)

On 1st June 2009, a total of only 30 lucky customers will be selected for this exclusive offer. If you had been chosen we will contact you by MSN,SMS or Email. Customer has a choice to either join or reject this offer. There will be a one time registration fees of $10.00 and yearly fees of $10.00. (Yearly fees will be applied from 1st June 2009 till 30th May 2010)

The card will entitled the customer with the benefits below :-

1. Automatic discount on all displayed items in CH-Toynation (except on pre-order item and promotion item).

Discount will be based on the color of the price tag attached on the item
5% discount on all YELLOW price tag
10% discount on all GREEN price tag
15% discount on all RED price tag

2. Customer will received a yearly free gift ( item estimated value of $50) on the date of their birthday.

3. Point systems - Each $10 spent on CH-Toynation will entitled each Privilege card holder with 1 point. Accumulated points will then be converted to voucher depend on customer request.

10points - $5.00 voucher
20points - $10.00 voucher
50points - $30.00 voucher
100points* - $70.00 voucher
(100points are the maximum points allowed)

4. Deposit fees for Pre-Order Items - Privilege card holder will still need to pay deposits for their pre-order goods but with the rate shown below (Company policy still apply to Pre-order items) :-

Pre-order item below $49.99 - no deposit needed
above $50.00 to $99.99 - 10% deposit needed
above $100.00 to $199.99 - 15% deposit needed
above $200.00 and up - 20% deposit needed

5. First hand news for new arrivals and new releases through our SMS line.

* CH-Toynation remain the rights to alter, changes, cancel any deals related to Privilege Card to any Card Holder