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Hatsukoi Limited Opening:

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My favorite girl in Hatsukoi Limited:
Misaki Yamamoto Pictures, Images and Photos

Misaki Yamamoto..she`s goddamn HOT!!!! =3

A first year in high school, Misaki is close friends with Meguru and Yuu, as well as the next door neighbor and childhood friend of the Zaitsu brothers. She has a very open relationship with her neighbors, and even comes into Mamoru's room through his window, and is the only character in the series who's not afraid of Misao (in fact she often has casual conversations with him). She somehow knows submission techniques, and can perform them instinctively in her sleep. Though she claimed she had no interest in relationships at the moment, she developed an interest for Yuuji Arihara when he shoved a lollipop in her mouth (showing an example to his friend, Yoshihiko Bessho). But although she likes Yuuji, she is not used to feeling vulnerable around boys, because she's usually cool and level headed. When Yuuji begins to express his interest in her, it makes her shy and unsettled, so she tells Arihara to leave her alone. He later explains that love is about letting people see your other sides as well, not just your tough side. They seem to be dating afterward. It was also revealed that being an only child, she's quite envious at those who have siblings, and thus, as part of her attraction to Yuuji, she also takes a liking to his younger sister Ayumi, treating her as a younger sister of her own. She also shares a strong resemblance to Aya Toujo, another character from Kawashita's work, Ichigo 100%.[Wikipedia]