Skip this post if you havent read Naruto Chapter 455!

What the hell happen? How come Danzo has the sharingan?? Is he actully Madara?? Well, at the last page of Naruto Chapter 455 reveals that Danzo HAS the Sharingan!


Evyl-kun said...

Danzo = Madara ? ...

lol, read again the chapter before, he said he has one eyes, one arm ...but now he just recover it ! ...so the question is more ...where did he pick this sharigan !! ...As I know, there are no more Uchiha member alive ... of you don't include Madara and Sasuke.

..pff ..I don't like Danzo, want him dead right now !!!!!! *grrr*

Double H said...

Yeah now I remembered when I had a conversation with my friends last night.. =_=" LOL

But I think Sasuke will kill Danzo!! hahaha xD