Filipino Transformer!

Found this cool video here!

Uploaded by dyeybs.

Original text from Ridgeboy:
Here you can see the greatness of Filipinos. That's why Filipinos are chosen to work in big companies, local or multinational companies. They love to improvise from scratch, make a unique idea and release the creativeness from an ordinary medium to an extra-ordinary one. Imagine that Filipinos now have the skills and talents to do this kind of movies.

And another video from his blog.^^


andai-andai said...

he..he funny

HOTTEST said...

Hi friend u r blogg nice...please come again by fraudmamy , indianrocksstar

Double H said...

Hahaha thanks!^^

Anonymous said...

My wife is Pinay she was cracking up. She's shown me a few others that are pretty good too.

Double H said...

Wow thats cool!^^

Sapphire Pyro said...

I am Filipina . . . and seeing that makes me so proud xD

it's so awesome but it's also so damn hilarious xD bwahahaha! I totally wanna see that happen in real life. Wahahaha!