Kamen Rider in TOKYO TOY SHOW 2009

Along with Mobile Suit Gundam, Kamen Rider(lit. Masked Rider) is one of the longest-running TV franchise in Japan(actually it's 8 years older than Gundam!). So there are many fans over generations and toy manufacturers have to nod to them once in a while.

At Bandai's Booth in INTERNATIONAL TOKYO TOY SHOW 2009, they had a collaboration exhibition of the Kamen Rider 1 and ongoing Kamen Rider Decade.[Gigazine]

The gadgets appear in Kamen Rider Decade. AWESOME!!

Decade`s belt!!

Vinyl Figures

Kamen Rider W (Double), the TWO HEADED KAMEN RIDER! LOL XD

More info here.^^

Kamen Rider Decade Opening:

5 more episodes to go! GO DIKEIDO!!! HENSHIN!!!!!!!! XD