This is the original video of Honey by MEIKO. The one I posted this morning is a different version (I guess). LOL XD

A bit info about her:

Released on November 5, 2004, MEIKO was the first Vocaloid developed and distributed by Crypton. The package for this released featured a 2D woman in a red shirt and skirt holding a microphone with stand. She was synthesized to sound like Japanese singer Haigo Meiko (from which she takes her name sake). Read more here.^^

Big thanks to Lightning Sabre & Argyle-san(AND Sushi-san of course! XD) for all the infos! (^~^)v


Argyle Bolivar said...

hehe w00t :P GOD this song is still dancing around my head T__T ehe but i love it.
you are welcome Hanif-kun~!! =3

Yamada Atsushi said...

ehem forgot me already == *jii~*

Double H said...

Sushi-san: Sudah ku edit tu AHAHAHAHAHA!! XD