Yume Neko Venus, SEGA’s Cuddlesome Cat Robot

SEGA TOYS is to release a realistic looking robot cat "Yume Neko Venus (Dream Cat Venus)" that purrs and mewls and snuggles to you just like a real cat, as a new addition to their Yume Pet (Dream Pet) series.

Also to be released are robots of squirrel and chipmunks.

"Yume Neko Venus" is to be released on July 30 at the price of 10,500 yen.

Modeled after Norwegian Forest Cat, it looks and behaves like a real cat. Perfect alternative for cat lovers with allergies or no-pets-allowed apartment.

Original article here.^^

A video of Yume Neko Venus.^^

Also to be released are "Yume Risu" chipmunk(left) and red squirrel(right).

Admittedly not as realistic as the cat, but affordably priced 1,260 yen. To be released on July 30.


RiP666 said...

so cuuteee....^^

Double H said...

Yeap!! I love cat!! Nyao~ xD