Hobby Convention or better known as HobbyCon made its 1st debut on December 8 & 9, 2007 at Kompleks Asia City (KAC) Kota Kinabalu, Sabah & was totally manned by volunteers from a forum called “clickstartplay.com”: Sabah’s 1st & biggest online hobby community (membership of 300 youths). It is an event “run by fans for fans” and is currently THE place to gather people who share the same passion as them: The love for their hobby, and to not let the hobbies left forgotten.

Hobbycon is held annually and set to be a medium, to show the public in Sabah that there are many cool and interesting ”unknown” hobbies that have been left unexplored. Among the highlights are the “Pump It Up” dance, Cosplay (fans who dress as their favourite anime / game characters), Manga (Japanese comic) & live drawing as well as Japanese subculture, to name a few.

For more information/support/kind donation, please visit Hobbycon official website at http://hobbycon.clickstartplay.com/

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Thanks to my friend on Facebook for sharing this info with me!^^


Sakuya-Chan a.k.a Ceres said...

eh~ i oso CSP member~ ^^
thx to helping us promote our forum desu~ arigatou *bow

Double H said...
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Double H said...

No problem!^^

Antaresa said...

You're fans of manga

Willie said...

Cool. Got your link in my blog already.