What if Anime characters’ eyes to shrink?

In typical western comics(like Marvel's and DC's), they center on reality while Japanese mangas focus on cuteness. Although there are many exception, western comics draw characters' eyes rather smaller than Japanese ones. It's not the matter of good or bad. It's just the difference of attitude.

What if Japanese anime chicks' eyes to shrink to the size of western comics? xD

Original article here.

OMG!!!!!!! T.T

Try to watch this video! XD


Sapphire Pyro said...

haruhi with such little eyes look so weird x_x

Double H said...

Hahahaha yeah xD

Evyl-kun said...

...why the video have a vocaloid song ? lol

..ah and it's so weird these little eyes ! *me not want !*

But sometime, I think if u adapt a little it can be good-looking.