Saki is about a high school student named Saki who hates to play mahjong. After hearing her say that she hates mahjong, her friend Kyou makes her play a game of mahjong at the mahjong club. Saki agrees to play more readily after seeing that Nodoka, the girl with big boobs who Saki saw walking outside earlier that day, is a member of the club. It turns out that Nodoka rocks at mahjong and she, Saki, Kyou, and the resident high schooler play a friendly game of mahjong.

Partway through, their president wakes up from a nap she was taking in a corner of the room and checks the scores, realizing that Saki managed to score plus or minus zero during all three rounds (I still don`t get this T.T) Saki promptly leaves, but Nodoka chases Saki in the rain and asks her to play a mahjong game with her again. Saki comes back to the mahjong club the next day and plays another game, scoring plus or minus zero again, which confirms the club president's faith in her awesome potential. And apparently Saki hates mahjong because her family used to get upset whenever she would win, so she adjusted her game so that she would always get plus or minus zero.

I don’t know what to think about this series, the lead character is charming, but some of the other members of the cast were beyond obnoxious (especially the overly squeaky little girl). The only interesting part of this anime, it made me wanna play Mahjong. Just like watching Hikaru no Go and Shion no Ou, both anime made me wanna play Shogi and Go...Nothing special I guess.. @__@

Is this anime worth watching? Well I`m following this anime but I don`t know about you. If you like trying something new (Just like me! xD) go ahead and watch it.


Sapphire Pyro said...

I watched a few episodes . . .and they weren't really bad. I stopped when I've heard it's gonna be shoujo-ai/yuri ^^; ehehehe

Sapphire Pyro said...

Saki managed to score plus or minus zero during all three rounds (I still don`t get this T.T)
== you meant why that was amazing? basically making yourself have the EXACT number of points in all rounds in a game that depends on luck is actually extremely difficult and pretty unbelievable. Hehe~

Double H said...

Aaaaah... Now I get it!! hahahaha xD Thanks!!^^

Evyl-kun said...

I watched the firs epi ..and the first thing I'm sure every man look, is the big chest ! XD

Well, i'm not interested in Mahjong. Even strategy, beautiful girl, fun, it's ..I wont watch ! ^^

Double H said...

Evyl-kun- haha I agree with you!! I think I wanna drop this anime..I dun think I can learn Mahjong from this anime! @___@