The Crimson Bullet Association all have a common goal. Protect the people and save the victims that have been influenced by the disease of the Black Rose. Claudia, their star member, is not only an excellent fighter but has a special secret. Within her, resides the seed of the Scarlet Rose! What trouble can be brought by her? Will she be able to survive the painful betrayal of the person that holds her heart?


Okay, Crimson Shell is a manga created by Mochizuki Jun, the same person who created Pandora Hearts! No wonder the artwork looked so familiar! I got nothing much to say about this manga. I just love it, I love the artwork, I love the characters..oh talking about characters..Most of them really resemble characters from Pandora Hearts! Hyper Parfait stated that this manga was completed before Pandora Hearts started AND it`s just ONE volume! T.T

Claudia and Alice (From Pandora Hearts) really resemble each other but I like Claudia more!! xD

Hyper Parfait posted an awesome review! Check it out!^^

You can read/download the manga here!

Claudia~ sooooo kawaiii!!! x3


Sapphire Pyro said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it xD It's already fully scanlated by the way. I'm gonna work on a review on it soon~

I like Alice more than Claudia though because . . . she's funnier xD hahahaha!

Double H said...

Hahaha! Big thanks to you!!^^