Golgo 13: First Impression

I pre-order Golgo 13 figma without knowing his character. I googled his name last night and found out that Golgo 13 is a character from 1969 manga (which is still an ongoing series! wtf?! o.O with 148 volumes of manga so far!) that has been adapted into anime film (1983!) and an anime series(renewed, with better graphic! ==) which aired last year(April 11, 2008) and ended on March this year lasted 50 episodes!!

I downloaded the first episode of Golgo 13 last night and finished watching it just now(49 episodes to go!! T.T) and I`m hooked up with this anime!Love the opening theme and the graphic is much better than its Anime Movie trailer I watched before! xD

Love its opening theme!! Take the Wave by Naifu!^^

If you’re not familiar with Golgo 13, think James Bond but with a much darker character with fewer morals. However, Golgo 13 never kills without knowing why his target deserves to die, and never kills innocent people.

His character:
Golgo 13, also known by the pseudonym Duke Togo, is a professional assassin. His age and birthplace are unknown and there is no consensus in the worldwide intelligence community as to his true identity.Most of his jobs are completed through the use of a customized, scoped M16 rifle.

Duke's alias ("Golgo 13") contains references to the death of Jesus Christ. Golgo is short for Golgotha, the place of Jesus' crucifixion. The number 13 is considered an unlucky number in Christianity because there were thirteen participants at Jesus' Last Supper before his execution. Also, Golgo 13's logo is a skeleton wearing a Crown of Thorns.

First episode summary: "AT PIN-HOLE!"

Duke Togo, aka Golgo 13, gets out of jail with assistance from the FBI and the CIA in Texas. Jake Quade, a gangster turned CIA informant, hijacked a domestic flight after killing a sky marshal and stealing his side arm with the threat of blowing it up and killing the passengers held as his hostages with smuggled C-4 explosives. Golgo 13 snipes him in the aircraft's cockpit from a long distance from a nearby airfield after getting a highly modified .308 Winchester bolt action sniper rifle from an underground firearms maker.


Golgo out of jail.