Misaki Ito getting married?

The Nikkan Sports newspaper is reporting that actress Misaki Ito (32) is planning to get married later this year. However, her agency responded later the same day, saying that it has not heard of those plans.

Ito is said to be dating Yoshinori Enomoto (40), the director of pachinko maker Kyoraku Sangyo. They met in Hawaii last November at the wedding of talento Mami Uematsu (31), and they are supposedly throwing their own wedding there this coming November. Their relationship was reported in March by a weekly magazine, but at the time it was neither confirmed nor denied by Ito and her agency.

Nikkan Sports says that the couple are inviting only relatives and close friends. If the rumor is true, an official announcement is expected in the next several days.

Via TokyoGraph

My favorite actress is going to get married! Congratulations to her!!^^