Yukie Nakama is "Untouchable"


With her "Gokusen" days apparently behind her, actress Yukie Nakama (29) will tackle her next comedy role in TV Asahi's upcoming mystery series, "Untouchable." The show is an original work penned by Hiroshi Hashimoto, who has worked on "Karei Naru Ichizoku" and the "Shomuni" franchise.

Nakama plays the role of Ryoko Narumi, a reporter who gets dismissed from a top-notch magazine and winds up at a third-rate weekly. Clumsy yet persistent, she notices details that other reporters overlook, leading her to the "untouchable" sides of criminal cases and, ultimately, to the truth. The story will be episodic, but the show will also include a larger mystery that gets unveiled as the show progresses.

The supporting cast includes Jun Kaname (28) as a rival reporter, Tetsushi Tanaka (43) as Ryoko's editor-in-chief, Tomohito Sato (25) as a photographer, and Susumu Terajima (45) as a big-shot businessman. TV Asahi will begin airing the drama in October, on Fridays at 9:00pm.

I`ll definitely going to watch this drama!!^^